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Packages that use DynamicMood

Uses of DynamicMood in biocell

Subclasses of DynamicMood in biocell
 class ZeroMood

Fields in biocell declared as DynamicMood
static DynamicMood GlobalState.globalMood
          Comment for globalMood

Methods in biocell that return DynamicMood
 DynamicMood BioCommand.getCurrentmood()
 DynamicMood BioCell.getCurrentmood()
 DynamicMood BioThread.getCurrentmood()
static DynamicMood GlobalState.getGlobalMood()

Methods in biocell with parameters of type DynamicMood
static void GlobalState.addCurrentMood(DynamicMood d)
static void GlobalState.delCurrentMood(DynamicMood d)
static void GlobalState.setGlobalMood(DynamicMood globalMood)
 void GlobalState.unregister(DynamicMood o)

Constructors in biocell with parameters of type DynamicMood
Strategy(DynamicMood moodParameters)
          sample constructor using default values for the function radius