Package org.alicebot.server.core.util

Interface Summary
Pulse A Pulse does something (anything) at a regular interval to indicate that the bot is alive.
ShellCommandable Defines the interface for processes that can receive commands from the interactive Shell.

Class Summary
ClassRegistry Registers classes with aliases.
Heart A Heart beats.
IAmAlivePulse Prints the message "I am alive!" to the console.
InputNormalizer InputNormalizer replaces Substituter as the utility class for performing various stages of input normalization.
LRUCache This is a trivial extension of LinkedHashMap that is limited to a given number of entries.
Match Match implements an object to store the results of matching, most notably the stacks resulting from multiple input/that/topic wildcards.
MersenneTwister Mersenne Twister and MersenneTwisterFast
MersenneTwisterFast Mersenne Twister and MersenneTwisterFast
MessagePrinter Provides standard formatting for messages.
PatternArbiter Provides utility methods for pattern-oriented tasks.
Shell Provides a simple shell for interacting with the bot at a command line (was originally in Graphmaster).
StackParser Parses the stack trace.
StringTriple Contains three Strings.
StringTripleMatrix Manages a matrix of StringTriples.
Substituter Provides generic substitution utilities for classes that don't have their own.
SuffixFilenameFilter Provides a simple filename filter given an array of acceptable suffixes.
Tag A simple little utility class for working with a pseudo-XML concept of "tag".
Toolkit Contains various utilities.
Trace Notifies of message formatting to the console for tracing and debugging.
WildCardFilter Implements a simple wildcard file filter.
XMLResourceSpec This is a simple data type for describing some characteristics of an XML resource that will be written using XMLWriter.
XMLWriter Provides a simplistic XML file writing facility.

Exception Summary
NoMatchException Indicates that no match was found in the Graphmaster.
NotAnAIMLPatternException Thrown by PatternArbiter when it gets a pattern candidate that does not meet the definition of an AIML pattern.

Error Summary
DeveloperError A developer error.
UserError A user error.