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Packages that use Processor

Uses of Processor in org.alicebot.server.core.processor

Subclasses of Processor in org.alicebot.server.core.processor
 class AIMLProcessor
          An AIMLProcessor is responsible for processing a particular AIML element.
 class BotProcessor
          Handles a bot element.
 class ConditionProcessor
          Handles a condition element.
 class DateProcessor
          Handles a date element.
 class FormalProcessor
          Handles a formal element.
 class GenderProcessor
           Handles a gender element.
 class GetProcessor
          Handles a get element.
 class GossipProcessor
          Handles a gossip element.
 class IDProcessor
          Handles an id element.
 class IndexedPredicateProcessor
          Processes an indexed predicate.
 class InputProcessor
          Processes an input element.
 class JavaScriptProcessor
          Handles a javascript element.
 class LearnProcessor
          Handles a learn element.
 class LowerCaseProcessor
          Handles a lowercase element.
 class Person2Processor
           Handles a person2 element.
 class PersonProcessor
           Handles a person element.
 class RandomProcessor
           Handles a random element.
 class SentenceProcessor
          Handles a sentence element.
 class SetProcessor
           Handles a set element.
 class SizeProcessor
          Handles a size element.
 class SRAIProcessor
          Implements the <srai/> element.
 class SRProcessor
          Handles an sr element.
 class StarProcessor
          Handles a star element.
 class SystemProcessor
           Handles a system element.
 class ThatProcessor
          Processes a template-side that element.
 class ThatStarProcessor
          Handles a thatstar element.
 class ThinkProcessor
          Handles a think element.
 class TopicStarProcessor
          Handles a topicstar element.
 class UpperCaseProcessor
          Handles an uppercase element.
 class VersionProcessor
          Handles a version element.

Uses of Processor in org.alicebot.server.core.processor.loadtime

Subclasses of Processor in org.alicebot.server.core.processor.loadtime
 class BotsProcessor
          The bots element is a container for bot configuration definitions.
 class ListenerProcessor
          The listener element is a container for defining parameters of a listener.
 class ListenersProcessor
          The listeners element is a container for specifying parameters of slisteners.
 class PredicateProcessor
          The predicate element specifies for specifying characteristics of a predicate.
 class PredicatesProcessor
          The predicates element is a container for specifying characteristics of some predicates.
 class PropertiesProcessor
 class PropertyProcessor
           Sets bot predicate values at load-time.
 class SentenceSplittersProcessor
          The sentence-splitters element is a container for defining strings that should cause the input to be split into sentences.
 class StartupElementProcessor
          A StartupElementProcessor is responsible for processing an element in a Program D startup file.
 class SubstitutionsProcessor
          The substitutions element is a container for definitions of various substitutions performed by the engine.