Package org.alicebot.server.core.processor

Class Summary
AIMLProcessor An AIMLProcessor is responsible for processing a particular AIML element.
AIMLProcessorRegistry Registers AIMLProcessors for a given version of AIML.
BotProcessor Handles a bot element.
ConditionProcessor Handles a condition element.
DateProcessor Handles a date element.
FormalProcessor Handles a formal element.
GenderProcessor Handles a gender element.
GetProcessor Handles a get element.
GossipProcessor Handles a gossip element.
IDProcessor Handles an id element.
IndexedPredicateProcessor Processes an indexed predicate.
InputProcessor Processes an input element.
JavaScriptProcessor Handles a javascript element.
LearnProcessor Handles a learn element.
LowerCaseProcessor Handles a lowercase element.
Person2Processor Handles a person2 element.
PersonProcessor Handles a person element.
Processor A Processor is responsible for processing an element.
RandomProcessor Handles a random element.
SentenceProcessor Handles a sentence element.
SetProcessor Handles a set element.
SizeProcessor Handles a size element.
SRAIProcessor Implements the <srai/> element.
SRProcessor Handles an sr element.
StarProcessor Handles a star element.
SystemProcessor Handles a system element.
ThatProcessor Processes a template-side that element.
ThatStarProcessor Handles a thatstar element.
ThinkProcessor Handles a think element.
TopicStarProcessor Handles a topicstar element.
UpperCaseProcessor Handles an uppercase element.
VersionProcessor Handles a version element.

Exception Summary
AIMLProcessorException Should be thrown by AIMLProcessors when they find invalid AIML.
ProcessorException Should be thrown by processors when they find content that they cannot handle.