Package org.alicebot.server.core.parser

Interface Summary
AIMLReaderListener AIMLReaderListener is the interface specification for listeners that can add AIML to the Graphmaster.

Class Summary
AIMLReader AIMLReader reads an AIML file, searching for topic, category, pattern, pattern-side that and template elements.
AIMLTag Holds constants used for parsing AIML.
DeprecatedAIMLParser Processes deprecated AIML tags.
GenericParser A generic parser.
GenericReader Provides generic reading functionality for such classes as AIMLReader and org.alicebot.server.core.util.TargetsReader.
StartupFileParser StartupFileParser processes a Program D startup file.
TemplateParser TemplateParser is still a primitive class, implementing not a "real" XML parser, but just enough (hopefully) to get the job done.
XMLNode Implements a node of the XML trie created by XMLParser.
XMLParser A simple XML parser.

Exception Summary
TemplateParserException Thrown by TemplateParser when it is given invalid input.
UnknownDeprecatedAIMLException Thrown by DeprecatedAIMLParser when it does not recognize a purported deprecated AIML tag.