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Quantum and New Technology

Currently the projects n Quantum Computing are focused on several separate Areas:

Quantum N-Dimensional Layout

Quantum and Reversiible Finite State Machines

Quantum Neural Network and Algorithms Design Templates

Bent and Reversible Functions Classification

Quantum and Reversible Circuits simulation using XBOOLE

Meta Learning

Our Group is working for several years on Applied Meta-Learning in the form of Algorithm Selection

Algorithm Selection For Real World Problems

Multi-algorithms Selection Method

Algorithm Selection Optimization

Reasoning by Augmenting information from Multiple-Selection Methods

Live-Feeling Communication

This project focuses on the principle of improving user's experience from a live-streaming entertainment event by providing the most desirable content.

Intention estimation from Emotional Feedback

Football game action estimation

Real-time Eye gaze tracking

Real time 3D projection and reconstruction

Bio-Medical Research

Cough Analyzer

Molecular Docking Digger and Miner