Package org.alicebot.server.core

Interface Summary
BotProcess Specifies the interface for any process that can be managed in a separate thread by the bot.
Interpreter An Interpreter handles some server-side script.

Class Summary
ActiveMultiplexor Implements access to a Multiplexor of configurable type.
Bot Describes all of the properties of a bot.
BotProcesses Controls processes that run in separate threads and need to be shut down before the bot exits.
Bots Contains all descriptions of bots.
DBMultiplexor A database-oriented Multiplexor.
FlatFileMultiplexor Presently more a proof-of-concept than anything else, for checking the new Multiplexor architecture.
Globals Globals gives access to the server properties used when starting the bot.
Graphmaster The Graphmaster is the "brain" of an Alicebot.
Multiplexor "To multiplex" means "to select one from many inputs".
PredicateInfo A very simple data class that describes a predicate.
PredicateMaster Maintains in-memory predicate values for userids.

Exception Summary
NoSuchPredicateException Indicates that there is no predicate with a requested name.