Class BioSensorRule

  extended by nns.BioSensorRule
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BioSensorRule
extends java.lang.Object
implements java.lang.Comparable

martin lukac This is a simple class representing a simple implication logic rule The class behaves as a simple storage unit and comparator so as we can input either another rule for comparison, another String for comparison and/or String to be interpreted. Each rule is held in two parts: the if statement and the then statement; If statement is the part used to decode a query by match or not match the ELSE statement is the part to be returned and represents a valid command that can be fed directly to the moto--neuron center as a reflex or a simple command. To generate a simple logic rule the syntax is exactly the same as the simplified if-else statement: CONDITION ? EXECUTE IF TRUE : EXECUTE IF FALSE The evaluation has two possible settings: STRICT or RELAXED. STRICT forces an exact match of the condition to the submited statement (AND condition) RELAXED compares the statement element by element to the condition and if a single argument is equal returns TRUE and appropriate action (OR statement) CONDITION, EXECUTE IF TRUE and EXECUTE IF FALSE are in the MNS/NNS syntax

Constructor Summary
BioSensorRule(java.lang.String rule)
Method Summary
 int analyzeRule(java.lang.Object o)
 java.lang.String analyzeStatement(java.lang.Object o)
 int compareTo(java.lang.Object o)
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Constructor Detail


public BioSensorRule(java.lang.String rule)
Method Detail


public int compareTo(java.lang.Object o)
Specified by:
compareTo in interface java.lang.Comparable


public int analyzeRule(java.lang.Object o)


public java.lang.String analyzeStatement(java.lang.Object o)
o - - object in the MNS command format
- object in the MNS syntax