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Uses of Target in org.alicebot.server.core.targeting

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core.targeting that return Target
static Target TargetingTool.nextTarget()
          Returns a new target from the live targets.

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core.targeting with parameters of type Target
(package private) static void TargetingTool.add(Target target, java.util.HashMap set)
          Adds a target to the specified set.
static void TargetingTool.discard(Target target)
          Discards a target from the live targets.
 void Target.merge(Target target)
          Merges input and extension values from one target to this one.
static void target)
          Saves a target from the live targets (does not create a new category.
static void TargetingTool.saveCategory(Target target)
          Saves a new category to the targets AIML file.
static void TargetWriter.write(Target target, XMLResourceSpec spec)
          Writes a target to a file defined by a given typespec.

Uses of Target in org.alicebot.server.core.targeting.gui

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core.targeting.gui with parameters of type Target
 void TargetPanel.setTarget(Target target)