Package org.alicebot.server.core.responder

Interface Summary
Responder A Responder is an object that processes and logs input via a given channel (text, html, flash, etc.).

Class Summary
AbstractMarkupResponder Contains common methods of template parsing and processing that are generic for all responders that deal with markup output, and which use a three-part template, such as HTMLResponder, FlashResponder, etc.
FlashResponder Implements a Responder for a Flash client.
HTMLResponder Responsible for handling requests that come via HTTP, and delivering the response via dynamically-generated HTML based on user-designed templates.
ResponderDatabaseLogger Provides a logging method that writes to a database.
ResponderStandardLogger Provides a common logging method that should be used by all Responders unless there's a good reason not to.
ResponderXMLLogger Provides a logging method that generates XML-formatted exchanges.
SmartResponder The SmartResponder is a broker for requests coming into the server.
TextResponder Logs output of all chat.