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Uses of Bot in org.alicebot.server.core

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core that return Bot
static Bot Bots.getBot(java.lang.String botid)
static Bot Bots.getFirstBot()

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core with parameters of type Bot
static void Bots.addBot(java.lang.String botid, Bot bot)
static void Graphmaster.unload(java.lang.Object path, Bot bot)
          Removes all nodes associated with a given filename, and removes the file from the list of loaded files.

Uses of Bot in org.alicebot.server.core.parser

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core.parser that return Bot
 Bot StartupFileParser.getCurrentBot()

Methods in org.alicebot.server.core.parser with parameters of type Bot
 void StartupFileParser.setCurrentBot(Bot bot)

Uses of Bot in org.alicebot.server.core.responder

Fields in org.alicebot.server.core.responder declared as Bot
protected  Bot

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Fields in declared as Bot
protected  Bot
          The bot for which this listener works.

Constructors in with parameters of type Bot
AliceAIM(Bot bot)
          Constructs a new AliceAIM listener and sets up parameters.
AliceChatListener(Bot bot, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String[][] parameters)
          Creates a new listener with name name.
AliceICQ(Bot bot)
          Creates a new AliceICQ chat listener for a given bot.
AliceIRC(Bot bot)
          Creates a new AliceIRC chat listener for a given bot.